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OnePlaceTools (OPT) is a one-stop tools hub website for everyone’s use for free. SEO optimization/analysis, domain name lookups, day-to-day web tools and more. With that it is a free, universally accessible website that serves as a hub for dozens of online tools for search engine optimization, text analysis, regular website analysis, and many others that a common computer user might need every day.


Our Services

SEO Analyzer

SEO Analyzer consits of free tools designed for optimizing websites for search engines. These tools help you keep track of your SEO concerns and increase your website’s exposure in search engines. It also aids in the optimization of web content by scanning and analyzing it for keywords, on-site links, and other SEO factors. 

SEO Studio

SEO Studio is a collection of free search engine optimization and webmaster tools that are lightweight, fast, and of excellent quality. 


Tools for Basic Text Analysis

You may check for plagiarism, edit an article, run a spell checker, count words, and change text case with our text analysis tools. These basic tools can help you a big deal if you are a research ‘student, writing a thesis or research report or a blog writer who has to post a new blog on diversified topics on regular basis. In fact, our text analysis tools are a basic need of universities and educational institutes.


Daily Tools

Daily Tools is a collection of free web tools that can help you with your daily online activities. These tools are extremely beneficial to anyone who wants to optimize images for web or school content. 

Tools for Intensive Search Engine Optimization

Additionally, we present a vast variety of tools for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  Primarily these tools are related to search engines such as Google Serp, Bing Serp and finding out Indexed pages etc. Other tools in this category are meant to help you with new backlinks generation, backlinks checking and identifying poor backlinks. Here, you also find tools for crawlability test, speed test and mobile support test. To validate the quality of content, you may employ our keyword density checker, link analysis tool and tool for Meta tags extraction.  In addition to many others, this set of tools also include keyword analysis, keyword density checker, keyword suggestion tool, URL encoder/decoder, domain hosting checker, domain to IP converter, link analyzer, link price calculator and broken links finder etc. These tools are available in one place and you can use them at the ease of your finger tips to expedite and effectively carry out your SEO work to attract more and more traffic towards your website.

Domain Tools

Domain Tools is a collection of fantastic Domain and IP Tools that allow you to search domain names instantly. It includes a whois domain tool, a domain generator tool, a hostname and IP lookup tool, and a domain DNS records tool. It verifies domain availability through a DNS query and redirects you to our preferred domain registrar to purchase the domain. 


Tools for common Computer/Mobile Users and Science/Engineering Students

Our set of daily tools is a vast collection of tools for common mobile or computer users and students as well as computer programmers and webmasters. Here you find image editing tools including JPG to PNG converter and vice versa, image to base 64 converter and vice versa, image resizer, image enlarger, image compressor and other basic editing tools. Moreover, we have to offer tools that help you with editing of your pdf files. Basically these tools help you convert Excel, Word, Power Point, JPG, PNG, HTML, RTF, and ODT files to pdf format. The unit conversion tools are meant to save your time and assist you with easy and fast conversion of different units of base and some derived quantities. You can employ these tools for area, length, weight, speed, temperature, current, time, torque, power, illuminance and reactive energy conversions in different units. Hence, this set of tools appears to be a basic need of lay men as well as science and engineering students and professionals.

Tools for Webmasters and Programming Professionals

The diversified collection of tools for webmasters and coding professionals make OnePlaceTools a best of all website in this niche. Here, you can find Binary and HEX conversion tools including text to binary and vice versa, binary to HEX and vice versa, binary and HEX to OCTAL and vice versa and text to ASCII and vise versa. Additionally, there are multiple DEV and formatting tools available such as JSON viewer, JSON editor and validator, JSON converter to TSV, text, CSV, XML and vice versa. The tools for website management is a wholesome collection. The webmasters can make use of HTML encoder/decoder, URL encodr/decoder, CSS and Javascript beautifier and minifier, and QR code generator and decoder etc. Let us explore more of these tools.


Tools for Finance and Commerce Professionals

We have a long list of tools focusing financial conversions and calculations. These tools include multiple important calculators for financial values. For instance, you can find and employ Sales Tax calculator, PayPal fee calculator, GST calculator, Loan calculator and Margin calculator. Let us search through our daily tools to see what other calculators are available.


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